Use Cases

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College and Career Readiness

Indigo is a comprehensive delivery system for individualized college and career planning based on student strengths using technology. The assessment and online course fulfill most states’ requirements in this area (including ICAP and ECAP). 


Indigo overarching goals are to support all students in finding their strengths so they can choose post-secondary and career paths that match their full potential! Indigo’s program promotes a post-secondary mindset school-wide and supports strategic planning that helps students become future ready.

Indigo works with middle schools, high schools and districts across the country to deliver the industry’s first Social Emotional Learning (SEL) platform that is based on self-awareness and envisioning a fulfilling future. 


Indigo’s assessment and best practices align with CASEL’s model for school wide social emotional health. Our SEL assessment is a Tier 1 Universal Basic Screener for districts using the MTSS framework and the Indigo data is invaluable for enhancing and measuring the effectiveness for any comprehensive SEL initiative your school is implementing.


Colleges and universities across the country are focused on student success. We know that students who are in the right major and feel connected to their peers and institutions are more likely to stay engaged and graduate. 

Indigo can provide critical data not available anywhere else that can show what individual factors are impacting students leaving your programs. Because every school and program is different, our attrition models are custom to each major and are up to 80% predictive. Moreover, your advisors, faculty, and student success personnel will have the data available at their fingertips to quickly connect with each student and help them succeed!


Because many students feel like their self worth is based on their grades and standardized test scores, it can be difficult for all students to recognize their strengths, find value in who they are, and see that diverse teams are the key to solving problems of the future, not being good at everything. 

Indigo validates each and every student for who they are and meets them where they are regardless of their academic performance, leveling the playing field for every student to succeed. Over 50% of Indigo schools are Title 1 and the assessment is EEOC and OFFCP compliant, proven to be free of bias and adverse impact for underrepresented populations.

Team Building

Building high performing teams is the future of work. The best schools know this and invest in team building for their teaching staff as well as administration. Our Sherlock platform can automatically create high performing teams with the touch of a button to use in your classrooms with students (especially helpful for schools implementing project based learning) as well as with school staff members. 

You can view the strengths and blind-spots of each team from Sherlock as well as participate in Indigo led professional development that provide context and facilitation to build team cohesiveness.

Indigo has worked with transitioning military personnel through our many higher education partners.  We also work with the US Naval Academy and the Stockdale Fellows Leadership Program. This segment of our work is growing with a military specific IndigoDiscover Platform and veteran’s program launching in late 2020. 

Use cases in action

Equity: Indigo Impact Initiative San Juan

Indigo works with diverse schools across the country.  See how Whitehorse High School on the Navajo Reservation is promoting equity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Teambuilding: Athletic Teams Basketball

Indigo works for Athletic Teams too!  Watch how a community college basketball coach went to state finals by using Indigo to improve team performance. 

SEL: Academy Blue Group

Watch how the Academy supported students on Indigo’s Social Emotional Support list through our SEL small group program – Blue Groups.