Podcast: The Value of Self-Discovery

Sheri Smith, CEO of Indigo Education Company, guest stars on episode 6 of the educational podcast The CAPS Network with Corey Mohn. In this episode, Sheri talks about the value of Self-Discovery and how it shapes the students who undergo self-discovery. CAPS, or the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) programs are nationally recognized, innovative high school programs made to equip students for real-world problems by mentoring students using career professionals, giving them tools from their industry, and providing them with college and high school credit.

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Blue Valley CAPS works in and around the Blue Valley School district. Blue Valley CAPS students are some of the most creative and competent students in the nation. According to the Indigo data, Blue Valley CAPS students are almost an entire standard deviation higher in creativity and futuristic thinking compared to other Indigo students. These students also rank higher than the average in every soft skill category. The Blue Valley CAPS program’s success has spread across the nation as other schools implement their own CAPS program, leading to the creation of the CAPS Network. For more information on the CAPS Network, visit them at https://bvcaps.yourcapsnetwork.org/.

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