Military and Veterans

Helping Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families find a fulfilling careers post-military!

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How Veteran Service Organizations Use Indigo

Career Guidance

The Indigo Assessment is the most comprehensive and accurate career guidance tool on the market.


Indigo empowers VSA’s and mentors to better support and guide transitioning service members into fulfilling careers.

Confidence Building

We believe all people are born with a purpose. Your unique strengths, style, and motivators are key to choosing a fulfilling job.

Get support finding a new career

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Get free career transition support

VETS Beyond The Uniform is a coaching, mentoring, and training program developed by military veterans with the specific mission of helping veterans make a triumphant journey from military service into careers in the civilian workforce.

Why choose Indigo?

The Indigo Education Company’s (IEC) solutions offer world class assessment technology and consulting. We support students, transitioning service members, veterans, military spouses, military dependents, and equity-minded employers.

Indigo’s approach is different because we use multiple measures of human strength to produce the most accurate and comprehensive report on the market. Our career recommendations include continuing education programs and career options. Our dashboard automatically generates high performing teams. Indigo generates 150 data points per person that can be used for sophisticated predictive analytics and unmatched insights. We have an authenticity, passion, and purpose other companies don’t possess.

  • 20 years of experience consulting job seekers, leadership teams, students and educators
  • 93% of participants rate Indigo as having extremely accurate results
  • 90+% ”excellent” ratings on Indigo workshops
  • 220k+ assessments taken
  • 500+ career options with 300+ trades
  • Women-Owned Small Business

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