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Indigo Education Company empowers learners and educators to succeed through self-awareness, empathy, and freedom.

Indigo Education Company's Assessments are at the core of everything we do

Our Assessments are user-friendly and customizable tools designed to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds discover their unique personality, motivators, and potential.

What you can do with Indigo assessments?

College and Career Readiness

Post-secondary life path decisions are more successful when grounded in self-awareness. Increase self-confidence and clarity through Indigo’s suite of tools.

Social-Emotional Learning

Understanding each individual and promoting self-awareness among learners is the core of holistic SEL. Our Universal Screener is unparalleled in the industry and identifies at-risk students who may not be identified through other means.

Professional Development

Integrate annual staff workshops to unlock the full potential of your educators and foster exceptional teams. Create a culture of understanding, diversity, and inclusion.

Understand and engage every learner

Teachers and counselors quickly and easily see each student’s strengths, enagagement recommendations, and college and career matches on the Indigo Dashboard.

Auto-generate classroom teams

Communication tips for every student

Identify at-risk students

Educators and students love our program

Charting Success: Exploring the States Where
Indigo Thrives and Clients Flourish



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Experience Indigo from the Eyes of Our Customers

Indigo Education Company is not just for students

Professional Development

Build a human-centered culture through workshops for teachers and staff. Learn your team’s strengths, build high-performing teams, and develop empathy.

Leadership Consulting

Focus on aligning district goals to human-centered outcomes. Empower leaders to explore intrinsic strengths, grow their teams, and identify inherent biases to improve equity.
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