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About the Indigo Assessment

The Indigo Assessment, a science-based, multi-dimensional, comprehensive tool, helps students and educators gain insights through self-awareness of their behaviors, motivators and career readiness skills, and social-emotional perceptions. Indigo partner TTI, a global, award-winning assessment company, ensures the highest validity, reliability, and quality possible in the industry. 

Indigo offers three versions of the assessment starting at a 5th-grade reading level. Both educators and students take the assessment for a shared experience and common language. Example uses of Indigo include career counseling assessment, high-level personality test, classroom dashboard, and educational tool.


The Indigo Assessment measures behaviors according to the DISC system, a tool that divides behavior into four basic styles: Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness and Compliance. DISC scores indicate natural responses to everyday circumstances.


The assessment measures six Motivators as described in the work of Spranger and Allport in their study of human value, motivation and drive. Motivators describe why people do things: the internal desires that drives behaviors.


Through use of a Likert-Scale questionnaire, the Indigo Assessment measures 23 non-academic competencies relevant to workplace success. This list includes key personal and inter-personal skills. The top five skills point toward areas of talent that may or may not already be known.

Social emotional perceptions

Using the Nobel-Prize nominated Hartman Value Profile, Indigo is able to provide a window into how each student perceives their external and internal worlds. Most high schools use this survey as a Tier 1 MTSS Universal Screener as it identifies students who would not typically be noticed for needing extra social emotional support. In higher education the SEL component provides critical data for advisors to better meet the needs of each student and contribute to retention factors.


At the touch of a button, the Indigo Dashboard, a Social Emotional Learning platform based on self-awareness, enables students to plan their path to college, careers, and a fulfilling future. Educators use the Indigo Dashboard for the following:

  • Career counseling assessments
  • Best-fit postsecondary options including over 300 CTE pathways
  • Communication tips
  • Time wasters and study tips
  • Ideal work environment
  • Strengths and value to a team
  • and more – over 16 pages of personalized information for each student or educator!

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