College and Career Readiness

A meaningful way to prepare future-ready graduates.

How our College and Career Readiness program works


Online Courses



Activities and Resources

Start with your choice of strengths-based, self-awareness assessments

93% of educators rate Indigo the best survey they’ve ever taken!

Two assessment options

Our TTI-based, premium Indigo Assessment measures over 150 data points and is the most comprehensive personalized inventory available in education. 

Our 10-minute IndigoPathway career finding assessment measures strengths, behaviors, motivators, and career matches.

Meet state College Career and Readiness requirements with our online course

Meets most ICAP/ECAP state requirements

Indigo isn’t about checking boxes. Our course builds deep self-awareness and critical thinking skills so students are prepared for their future.

Personalized Integration Support

We collaborate with your curriculum team to smoothly integrate Indigo into your current programs, such as Health, English, or Advisory. LMS integration is also available.

Streamline and personalize college counseling

Our dashboard facilitates meaningful connection with each learner

Using the Indigo Dashboard, counselors can maximize their time by deeply engaging with each learner and posing impactful questions.

View top career and college major matches
Auto-generate classroom teams
Individualized communication tips
Identify at-risk students

Transform your school culture over time

After engaging in Indigo programming, 86% students report increased self-confidence and hope for the future.

Students can watch their growth

We recommend students take Indigo at least every other year so they can view their growth. Educators have access to updated results for continued guidance and support. 

Multi-year Integration Plan

Embedding Indigo into your school culture promotes a sense of belonging and empowerment. 

Grow practical skills for the future

Build your students' self-confidence

Write powerful college essays.
Make career choices based on personal strengths and interest.
Create a LinkedIn profile. Learn the importance of networking.
Create a website via Wix to share achievements, set goals, post resumes, research career and education options, and explore internships and jobs.

Choose the best program for your school


For Individuals
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  • Online Results
  • Mini DISC and Motivator Survey
  • Career Matches
  • School and Work Communication Tips
  • Goal Setting
  • Additional Resources

Pathway Premium

For Schools and Organizations
$ 1500 Per Organization/Year
  • All IndigoPathway Items
  • Educator Dashboard
  • Self-paced Educator Training
  • Starter Guide for Students
  • Single Sign-on
  • Add On - Custom Dashboard Branding
  • Add On - Student Course
  • Add On - LMS Integration

Indigo Holistic

For Schools and Districts
$ 10-25 Per Student*
  • All Pathway Premium Items
  • Premium Indigo Assessment including Durable Skills
  • Complimentary Staff Indigo Assessments
  • Classroom Activities, Resources, Books and Guides
  • Faculty Professional Development
  • LTI Integration
  • Online CCR Course Options
  • Family Guide

Our customers love all you can do with Indigo!

"Indigo has completely changed our school culture. We have almost 100% buy-in from the students, staff, parents, and counselors!"

Clara Quinlin

Peak to Peak Charter School

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