Indigo Certification 2021

Due to scheduling conflicts, the October certification series has been moved to January 2022. See you all in the New Year!

IndigoBasics Certification is a 3 workshop series where you build the foundations to become a subject matter expert on the Indigo Indicators and Platforms, and earn your IndigoBasics Certificate. Each workshop is 90 minutes and will be recorded if you are unable to attend part or all of any session.

To register for this certification series, please fill out the form below. The series is three workshops, so be sure to pick a date under each workshop.

Workshop 1 focuses on DISC, creating groups and using the highlight in the dashboard and online course registration.
Workshop 2 focuses on motivators, teaming and lists in the dashboard and monitoring student progress in the online course.
Workshop 3 focuses on skills, the data table and full profile in the dashboard and the post survey and certificate in the online course.

To get started:

Step 1: Complete the enrollment form and select the dates you want to attend.
Step 2: You will receive a follow up email with details to get started and a calendar invite with zoom details.
Step 3: Take the survey.
Step 4: Attend your workshop series.

What does Indigo Certification involve?

If you are planning on completing the full certification, here are the steps required.


Completion of IndigoInsights assessment (DISC, Motivators and Skills)

    • If you have done the IndigoInsights assessment in the past, you don’t have to retake the survey.
    • You will receive a link to take the IndigoInsights assessment after you register for the workshops.

Workshop Descriptions

(90 minutes each)

Workshop #1:

    • IndigoInsights Assessment: Foundations in DISC and practical applications for in-person and remote learning environments.
    • IndigoDiscover Dashboard Features: Highlight, Groups, and Support
    • IndigoActivate Online Course: Registration

Workshop #2:

    • IndigoInsights Assessment: Foundations in Motivators and practical application for engagement.
    • IndigoDiscover Features: Lists and Teaming
    • IndigoActivate Online Course: Monitoring Student Progress

Workshop #3:

    • IndigoInsights Assessment: Foundations in Skills and how they relate to Growth Mindset.
    • IndigoDiscover Features: Data Table and Full Profile
    • IndigoActivate Online Course: Post survey and certificate