Professional Development

Enhance leadership abilities, foster effective teamwork, and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion through our program.

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Professional Development Services

Reimagine the way your staff connects

Teacher Engagement

Maximize staff strengths, boost student engagement, and enhance teamwork through our program.

Cabinet Team Building

Assess the strengths and limitations of the district leadership team to effectively align roles.

Superintendent Onboarding

Ideal opportunity for a superintendent to get to know the leadership team and vice versa. Set up for success!

Retreat Facilitation

Build your board, leadership, and staff retreats on a framework of empathy and empowerment.

New Hires

Looking to hire the perfect fit? Incorporate Indigo into your hiring process to help you make the right choice.

Leadership Coaching

Tap into our combined 25+ years of experience in leadership coaching to support your district’s needs.

Focus on Strengths

People are most engaged when they are authentically known, valued for who they are, and given meaningful work that aligns with their intrinsic strengths and motivators.

Auto-generate classroom teams

Learn to engage with leaders and educators using their communication style

Promote Equity

Honor Diversity

Understand each person’s intrinsic values

See individuals as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole

Every person is born with a purpose

Pick the best program for your team

School-Based Team Building Workshops

For Schools and Organizations
$ 2500 Up to 15 People*
  • Indigo Assessments
  • Three 1-hour Remote Workshops**
  • Prep and Post Meeting with Leader
  • Team Dashboard
  • * $50 per Additional Assessment

Leadership Empowerment Package

For Schools and Organizations
$ 3500 Up to 15 People*
  • Indigo Assessment for Leadership Team
  • 2-3 Hour Remote Workshop**
  • Prep and Post Meeting with Leader
  • Team Dashboard
  • Data Analysis of the Team
  • Follow-up Activities
  • * $50 per Additional Assessment
  • Add-on One-on-One Coaching Sessions for $250 each

Multi-Year District-Wide Engagements

For Schools and Organizations
$ 5000 Minimum*
  • Comprehensive, Customized Indigo Programming for Students, Educators, and Leadership
  • Indigo Assessments
  • Dashboards for Students and Educators
  • Multi-Year Integration Plan (3+ Years)
  • Align Indigo to existing strategic initiatives and programming as well as state and federal mandates
  • Design Metrics to Measure Success
  • Review Data. Recommend Improvements to Initiatives and Programming

Contact us to customize your professional development program.

Become an Indigo Expert

Want an in-school Indigo expert? We offer asynchronous and live certification workshops to maximize Indigo's offerings. Open to counselors, teachers, district leaders, and program leaders.
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