Holistic Social-Emotional Learning

Empower your students through a sense of value and purpose.

Teacher Guiding Student with Social Emotional Learning

Are you looking for a true transformation?

Indigo's SEL program allows students and teachers to feel deeply understood, leading to a transformative impact on their lives.

How our SEL program works

Step 1

Create a culture of understanding by getting to know your students through the Indigo Assessment

Step 2

Identify at-risk students with our MTSS Tier 1 Universal Screener

"It helps me to know who to help."

Holistic Solution

Indigo is about the whole student – measuring student strengths, behaviors, motivators, and 21st-century skills in addition to indicating at-risk students.

Personalized Approach

With over 1,000 different approaches for engagement and communication, Indigo connects with each person’s uniqueness.

"It helps me to know who to help."

Step 3

Design personalized interventions using actionable data to engage each learner

Step 4

Create groups to empower and support students​

"Life is okay!"

Grow Student Agency

Indigo Support List students want to be seen and heard. Small groups are a powerful way to accomplish this.

Transform Lunch Time

Don’t have time for small groups? Buy pizza once a week for the learners and transform their lunch period into a powerful and fun intervention. 

"Life is okay!"

Step 5

Measure growth over time

See student growth over time through the Indigo Dashboard. Measure self-perceptions including sense of belonging, stress handling, empathy, self-confidence, future direction, and so much more!

Indigo's SEL program aligns to the 5 CASEL dimensions!

Get the best program for your school

SEL Starter Program

For Schools and Organizations
$ 2500 Starting*
  • Premium version of assessment
  • Social Emotional Screener
  • List of At-Risk Students
  • Educator/ Counselor Dashboard
  • Two Certifications
  • Online Course for Students
  • Free Assessments For Involved Staff

SEL Counselor Program

For Schools and Districts
$ 10-25 Per Student*
  • All SEL Starter Program Components
  • Advanced Counselor Certification
  • Two Hours of SEL Consulting
  • Annual Review of Program Design and Efficacy
  • Free Assessments for Involved Staff

Consultative SEL Program

For Schools and Districts
$ 9000 Starting*
  • All SEL Counselor Program Components
  • Integrate Program into Existing Frameworks (RTI, MTSS, etc.)
  • Two Advanced Counselor Certifications
  • Quarterly Consulting Sessions
  • Free Assessments For Involved Staff

What Students and Educators say about our program

Indigo proudly partners with GSN in over 20 schools for comprehensive SEL support

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