The Awesome Project

The Goal: All students, from the self-confident to the self-conscious, are reinforced with the idea that they are awesome, no questions asked.   Students walk away with a final piece of work that they can showcase to employers and post-secondary schools when applying.

College & Career


  • Indigo Report
  • Access to computers or materials for a creative project

Step 1: Give students one class period to look through the strengths, style, skills, and value to a team sections of their Indigo Report and explore the following set of questions:

  • What makes you awesome?
  • What are you interested in?
  • When have you excelled in school or life?
  • When have you you overcome challenges in school or life?
  • When have you used your skills and strengths in school or life?

Step 2: Have students create something that explains why they are awesome. It could be a portfolio, blog, YouTube video, presentation, essay, personal website (,,, collage or any other creative form they want to explore. This can be done in class over the span of a few periods or even assigned for homework over a few weeks.

Step 3: Have students submit their final work demonstrating their project and its completion. Alternatively, you can have students hand in a 3-5 paragraph essay showcasing their project that answers the following questions: “What did you do? What did you learn? How did you apply the skills/strengths from your Indigo Report to the project? What makes you awesome?”

Note: To guide the conversation around this exercise, pitch it in a way that communicates, “If you can understand what makes you awesome and what makes you come alive, then you can look for colleges and careers that support those characteristics.” If students are struggling with viewing themselves in a positive light, going over their Indigo Report with them can help reinforce their strong points.

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