Discover Your Dream Path - Group

The Goal: Sometimes, what students need most is the time to real-talk with their peers about what the future may look like. Students work in groups to discover what type of careers or majors might be interesting to pursue and learn more about those options.

College & Career


  • Indigo Reports
  • Access to internet

Step 1: Have students read the Possible Degree Matches section of their Indigo Reports. Next, have them underline 3-5 majors or careers that stand out to them, sound interesting, or that they would like to further explore.

Step 2: Next, divide students into groups of 4 based on their top 1-2 Motivators (you can use the Teaming utility in the Indigo Dashboard to quickly make groups based on top Motivators). Once they are in groups, have them talk about the different majors or careers that they each underlined. During the conversation, groups will narrow down their list and pick 3 majors or careers that they would like to research together.

Step 3: At this point, have your students take out their computers so that groups can start researching the majors or jobs that they picked. Write the links below (or others you prefer) up on the board so that the students can access these resources on their computer.

Part 4: Have groups research the 3 majors or careers that they selected as a group. After they have spent some time researching, they are going to pick their favorite one and present their findings to the rest of the class (2-3 minutes per group). Encourage groups to tie in the information they are presenting back to their top 1-2 Motivators since they are going to be in Motivator groups.

Optional Add-On: Assign the 3-5 minute presentations as homework and have all of the groups present in the following class. That way, groups have a bit more time to prepare and the sharing of information can go more in depth.

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