Discover Your Dream Path - Individual

The Goal: It’s time to blaze a trail and take some time for introspection! Students will work individually to discover what type of careers or majors might be interesting for them to pursue and learn more about those options.

College & Career


  • Indigo Reports
  • Access to internet 

Step 1: Have students read the Possible Degree Matches section of their Indigo Reports. Next, have them underline 3-5 majors or careers that stand out to them, sound interesting, or that they would like to further explore.

Step 2: Next, have your students take out their computers so that they can start researching the majors or jobs that they underlined. Write the links below up on the board so that the students can access these resources on their computer.

Step 3: Have students browse the 3-5 majors or careers that they underlined. After they have spent some time browsing, have them select the 2 majors or jobs that interest them the most. Have each student research the 2 they selected even further and answer the following questions in bullets: What is the next best step for me to take in order to be able to get into that job or major? It could be as simple as going to talk to your counselor to even looking for specific colleges or programs that offer that major.

Also answer the following questions in bullets: How can I find a way to tie my top 1-2 Motivators or DISC style to that job or major? How could I use the top 5 skills from the Indigo Summary Page to excel in that major or job?

Each job or major they research should end up having enough bullets to cover about 1 page.

Step 4: Have students actually take that next best step that they wrote about in Part 3. It could be going to speak with their counselor, doing an informational interview for the job they are interested in, or even finding 1-2 colleges that have the major they are looking for. Alternatively, you could simply have students look for 3 specific companies, programs, or colleges that offer the job or career that they are looking for.

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