The Hot Seat: Interview Practice

The Goal: So many bright, capable students are never exposed in school to what the job or college interview looks like. This exercise gives them a taste of what it’s like to be “in the hot seat” and how they can use their Indigo Reports to prep for it.

College & Career


  • Indigo Reports
  • Three chairs

Note: Preface this exercise with the fact that you want them to use their Indigo Report heavily. Regardless of students’ skill levels, all can benefit from incorporating Indigo language into their interview strategy. i.e. have them look at Strengths section, About You section, Value to a Team section, etc. to find vocabulary that would highlight them in a positive and authentic light.

Step 1: Divide students into pairs—one is the interviewer, one is the interviewee. Have students answer any of the following questions (you can use your own too):

  • Why are you interested in this job?
  • Why would you be good at this job?
  • How will you work on a team?
  • What is a weakness that may show up?
  • How do your skills fit this job?
  • What is your ideal manager?
  • What is your biggest strength that you bring to the table?

Step 2: Now, as the teacher you are the interviewer—have three student volunteers come up to the front of the room and sit in three different “hot seats.” Pick a couple questions to ask them and see how each responds. Feel free to rotate students as many times as possible if a lot of students want to volunteer. You may ask the same questions that they went over in pairs or use your own questions. The more practice, the better! Encourage students to look at their Indigo Summary Page and use some of the language on the strengths, skills and value to a team sections while on the hot seat to enhance their answers! This will give them practice using strong language to describe themselves.

Step 3: Close by asking students for ideas on how they could use the Indigo Report to prepare for job interviews and college applications. How can you show what you are passionate about through motivators? How have your top skills come up in your life? How can you use the language from the strengths, skills, and value to a team sections more?

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