The 15-Minute Rec Letter

The Goal: Sometimes, it’s hard to write recommendation letters for 250 different students! This provides simple, quick ideas for writing recommendation letters for any student using the Indigo Report.

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Step 1: Read the About You page from the Indigo Report on the student you are writing the letter for. This section is an essay all about the student and their unique style that should provide great color on how this student operates.

If possible, we also recommend getting a resume or personal statement from the students. We know not every student will give you one, but asking for it will serve as a reminder for engaged students that you need all the information that you can get!

Step 2:  From here, you can write three different types of essays:

Strengths Essay: Review the student’s strengths and top five skills on their Indigo Summary Page. You may also look at the About You page and the What Others May Value in You section later on in the report to get a greater sense of their strengths. How can you talk about these qualities in light of the About You section? How can you talk about them in a way that would be compelling for an employer or college admission counselor?

Passions Essay: Review the students top two Motivators on the Indigo Summary Page and read the Motivators sections. The latter sections go more in depth into those top 2 Motivators and might provide more color on how the top 2 Motivators play a role in the student’s life. How can you talk about these qualities in a way that fits with the About You section? How can you make a narrative about a passionate, engaged student that would catch the attention of someone reading?

Combined Essay: Combine elements from the two above options to write about both the strengths and passions of the student. These typically result in the strongest essays, but are normally only well written if you have an established relationship or a resume / personal statement provided by the student.

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