Strengths Wall

The Goal: To let students explore their strengths, and the strengths of their classmates; to understand the diversity of skills in the classroom and how that can benefit the class/group dynamics.

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  • Summary page of the Indigo Report
  • Post-it notes
  • Markers/Pens

Step 1: Have students look at the “Strengths” and “Values to a Team” sections on their Indigo Summary Page. Instruct them to pick one from each section and write them down clearly on a post-it note.

Step 2: Designate a place in the classroom where students can put up their post-it notes. Once all students have written a Strength and Value to a Team, have students share their strengths. You can use one of the methods below or your own design.

I. Ask students to volunteer to share what they wrote down by stating it out loud and putting their note in the designated area. When everyone who chose to share out loud have finished, all other students should post their notes as well.

II. Have all students post their notes in the designated area and choose a few to read out loud.

Optional Follow-Up Activity

The Goal: To allow students to explore strengths they do not have as a way of valuing them in others.

Materials: Completed Strengths Wall

Activity: Students go up to the Strengths Wall and pick one strength that is not a strength for them personally and that they want to develop. Have them pair up with a student who has this as one of their strengths. When everyone is paired up, or in small groups, each student who has that strength should share about it – how they use it, how it helps them, how they got good at it and/or how they will continue to grow the skill.

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