The Mirror

The Goal: Too often, student’s minds become inundated with their deficits and they lose sight of what is amazing and unique about them. The purpose of this activity is to allow students to explore strength, style and passion statements about themselves and better understand some of their own uniqueness.

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  • About Me page of the Indigo Report

Step 1: The “About Me” section of the Indigo Report is also referred to as “The Mirror”. It is the longest narrative and is able to create a three-dimensional picture of a person, with more color and flavor than bullet point statements provide.

Have students pair or triad up (group of 2 or 3) and exchange report pages. Students should sit close to each other, shoulder to shoulder, facing opposite directions. One student will then read the “About Me” section belonging to the other student next to them. They should read at a slower pace, deliberately pausing between statements to allow the other student time to take it in. When the reading is complete, students should switch roles and do it again.

Step 2: To complete this activity, ask “What was that like for you?” or “How did it feel to hear those things about yourself?”. Students’ responses can be done out loud or written.

Optional Add-On: Once students get back their own reports, have them read through the About Me page to personalize it and make it even more their own.

  • Highlight statements that feel the most true or that they are especially proud of.
  • If there are statements that they feel are not entirely true, consider how they can be re-written to make them true or cross them out.

Once students have personalized this page, they should share them. This can be done out loud or written and displayed.

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