Asking “Why?”

The Goal: This exercise helps students take a deeper look into their insecurities to find ways to overcome them.


RAMP (ASCA) Mindset & Behaviors addressed and developed: Academic: Critical Thinking; Self Direction / Self Motivation. Career: Communication; Social Maturity.  Social/Emotional: Identifying Goals; Perseverance; Coping Skills; Empathy; Self-Confidence; Whole Self.


  • Circle of chairs
  • Indigo Report

Step 1: Have students form pairs—one listener, one talker. Tell the talker to share one of their insecurities with the listener.

Example: “Why” questions could allow one student to express that he wants to do well in school so he doesn’t feel stupid.

Step 2: Have the listener begin asking the talker “Why” questions (“Why does this make you feel insecure?”). There will be five questions each round.

Step 3: Switch roles and do another five rounds.

Step 4: Have the students talk about how they could deal with their insecurities. Ask if any groups feel comfortable sharing.

Note: For individual students that discuss deep or troubling issues, reference their Social Emotional Scores on the Indigo Dashboard.

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