The Goal: Students will learn the value and validation that active listening provides, and they will practice providing it to others.


RAMP (ASCA) Mindset & Behaviors addressed and developed: Academic: Communication / Listening. Career: Social Maturity / Appropriate Behavior; Open Perspective.  Social/Emotional: Building Positive Peer Relationships; Empathy; Collaboration.


  • Chairs arranged in pairs facing each other
  • Indigo Report

Step 1: Divide students into pairs: one talker, one listener. Facing each other in chairs, have the talker speak for 30 seconds about any topic they choose.

Step 2: The listener must try to summarize what the talker told them. The talker can (politely) correct them if they are wrong.

Step 3: Repeat this exercise as many times as desired with new pairs. You can also have the listener ask a question about what they heard and summarize the answer.

Step 4: Group debrief/retrospect on what was heard/learned. 

Note: To challenge students, have them look at their partner’s Do’s: …How Other People Should Communicate with You section on their Indigo Report to figure out what is the best way to communicate and listen with them.

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