Decision Making

The Goal: Learn to use a Decision Matrix Tool. Often we need to make decisions that involve choosing from two or more options. A Decision Matrix is a tool that can be used by individuals or teams to clarify the process of deciding among options and to help assure the best decision is made.


Step 1: Think of a decision you need to make that involves two or more options. Are you trying to decide which of three new bicycles to purchase? Or which course to take? Or which major or career to pursue?

Write down what decision you need to make. Then write down the options you have.


Step 2: The article, “Need to Make a Tough Decision? A Decision Matrix Can Help,”
( defines the decision matrix and presents a case study that shows you how to design and use a decision matrix. Read the article, and as you do so, consider how to design and use a decision matrix of your own to make the decision you identified in Step 1, above.

Step 3: Design and use the decision matrix that will lead you to the best decision among the options you identified in Step 1. You may use the template below or adapt it to best fit your specific decision and options.

Decision Matrix Focus/Topic/Title:

Factors Score

Step 4: What are the benefits of using a decision matrix for you? How could you use this tool in the future?

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