The Goal: Persuasion is the ability to convince others to change the way they think, believe, or act. Learning to use the skill of persuasion will allow you to influence others now and in the future.


Step 1: Read the article “Influencing: Learning How To Use The Skill of Persuasion” (

Step 2: When you have finished reading, list below the five most important ideas about influencing and learning the skill of persuasion that you would teach to someone else who is interested in learning about this topic.

Five Most Important Ideas to Teach Someone Else 

Idea #1:

Idea #2:

Idea #3:

Idea #4:

Idea #5:

Step 3: Go out and practice these ideas by trying to persuade someone you know or better yet, a stranger, on something. It’s easier to start with something like persuading someone to try your favorite restaurant, or wear a certain color, or take you out for ice cream. Once you see your persuasive self in action, you can begin experimenting with other topics.

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