Chris Buja

Co-Founder Summit Public Schools

Chris Buja’s vast experience in education advisory and reform led to his current role supporting education startups including acting as a board member for Indigo Education Company, guiding business development for ClassHero, managing partnerships for Mindsets, and acting as COO for non-profit Global Moonshots. Chris’ previous role as the vice president of business development at Hapara gave him the key experience needed to consult for several education companies, moving their progress and products forward to benefit learners of all ages. His international experience in Europe, Brazil, Australia, and Malaysia during his time at Hapara and throughout the North and South American continents during his time at Google helps guide Indigo’s international expansion efforts in Vietnam, China, Mexico, South America, and Canada today. 

Chris’ passion for education encouraged him to found Summit High School, a top 100 ranked high school, in Redwood City, California. He continued providing leadership as a Board Member and served on the city-wide education board for several years. 

After graduating from Princeton University with a bachelor’s in engineering, Chris received his MBA from Stanford University. He currently enjoys living in the Bay Area while continuing to advance education reform.

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