Personal Statements

The Goal: To familiarize the students with their Indigo Reports, and what traits make them unique. This activity will help students think about who they are, what they stand for and what they want for themselves.

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  • Summary Page of the Indigo Report (or Full Report)

Note: This activity can also be done as a Mission Statement, Passion Statement, Leadership Statement, __________ Statement. Use what works best for your group of students.

Step 1: Using their Summary Page or full Indigo Report, students should make notes for each section below.

Strengths & Value to a Team (Choose 2): Students should review the Strengths and Value to a Team section of their Summary Page, selecting the two that stand out, resonate, or simply “feel most like me” to them.

Motivated By (Top 2), how do they show up for you: This is essentially the Motivator Statement activity. Use those instructions to help guide students.

Core Behavior (DISC) Style Descriptions: Students should answer the following: Consider what you know about each DISC indicator. What stands out to you about your own behavior style? What behaviors make you, you?

Top Skills (Choose 2 or 3): The Indigo Skills listed are 21st Century skills that employers are looking for. Students should reword their top skills to fit how they show up for them and how they use the skills.

Step 2: Now it’s time to bring it all together. Combining pieces from at least 3 of the sections above, students should create a statement that begins to describe what they are all about, what they stand for, and what they are known for or want to be known for.

Step 3: Once students have created their Personal Statements, they should share them. This can be done out loud or written and displayed.

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