Motivator Statement

The Goal: For students to understand the importance of their top two Motivators and reflect on how these show up in their own life.

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  • Summary Page of the Indigo Report
  • Motivator Reference Sheet from the Indigo Report
  • Access to the online Motivators video library

Step 1: Students may already have had the opportunity to learn about the Indigo Motivators from a workshop or another activity. If not, start by going to and scroll down to the Six Motivators sections. Watch the first Motivator video, which is an overview of the Motivators. Then, watch the videos for the six Motivators, or direct students to watch the videos of their top two Motivators on their own.

Step 2: Once you are confident that students are familiar with what their top Motivators mean, ask them:

What do your top two Motivators mean to you? How do they combine and show in your life?

Students can respond in a variety of ways.

  1. Ask students who are willing to share their response to the question to do so without revealing their actual top Motivators. When each student finishes sharing, the other students guess which Motivators that student has based on the description.
  2. Students write out their response to the questions and turn it in. They can share it out loud, or not.
  3. Have students create an art piece that show/describes their Motivator Statement. Allow students to share with the class and potentially display them in the classroom.
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