Step 3) Research what you need to do to get this job

Now that you’ve thought about why this career fits you, consider what type of training, experience, or education would you need to land this job. In this section you will do research to figure out (1) how much and what kind of training/education you need for the career you’re exploring, (2) find a couple schools or programs that offer this training or education, (3) some companies who are hiring for these jobs and (4) how much money people in this job make. Once you have this information, you will add it to your website.

Education/Training - What and Where

If you aren’t sure what level of education/training you need, expand the Research Resources to see a number of sites that provide this information. You can also do a basic internet search to find out what you are looking for.

After you’ve determined the level of education you need, find a couple schools or programs that offer this type of education or training. Consider listing at least one local and one non-local school or training program where you could pursue it. An internet search will likely help you find what options are available to you.

Once you know how much and the type of education you will need, along with schools or programs where you can pursue this, add them to your website. – This site is very user-friendly and lets you explore careers by industry. – O*net is a comprehensive database that allows you to check out different careers by a variety of search options.

CareerOneStop YouTube Video Library – There are over 500 videos on this YouTube Channel! This particular link sorts them by industry. – The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a great resource for those who like to research data and cite statistical numbers. This link to their Occupational Outlook Handbook is their easy to use page that can help you analyze the data and explore options.

Minnesota State Career Wise – Search career information in many different ways. – Videos on interests and career paths on Roadtrip Nation.

Education/Training - Where and How Much

Now that you know what kind of training or education you will need and where you can do that, let’s research some companies that hire people for this job. Consider searching on job sites like for job listings and look at the company names that are hiring, or just search online. Consider local jobs, small businesses, non-local jobs and large national companies.

Then, look for how much money people make who have this career. You may see in job site listings how much or a range of how much they are paying to the person they hire. You could also find this information on sites such as

Once you know a few companies that hire people with this job and how much money they make, add this information to your website.


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