Indigo for Essay Writing 2

The Goal: Admission counselors for colleges read thousands of essays. This exercise will help students weave Indigo language from their reports into their writing pieces and help them stand out.

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  • Indigo Reports 

Note: At the end of the day, the main point of this exercise is to help students find specific adjectives and phrases that they can include throughout their essays that will help them enhance who they are and the point that they are driving home.

This exercise may also be used to help students enhance their job application essays and cover letters! Feel free to follow the same format, just talk about it as if for a job.

Step 1: Have your students read the About You section to start getting a better sense of their unique style and how they can describe themselves in their essay. As students read through the section, have them underline adjectives and phrases that stand out to them.

Step 2: Next, have students look at their top five skills and Value To a Team sections on their Indigo Summary Page and underline all of the bullet points that stand out to them. Once they have finished doing that, have them do the same thing for the Your Strengths and the What Others May Value in You sections later on in the report.

Step 3: Once students have underlined bullets, adjectives, and phrases in all of the sections from Part 1 and Part 2, have them rewrite them in a separate piece of paper or document. Students should have about 10 total phrases, adjectives, and bullets.

Step 4: Once students complete the rough drafts of their college essays, have students go back for another edit and star (*) places where they can add the phrases, adjectives, and bullets that they wrote on the separate page or document. Once they have identified various parts or places they can enhance using the vocabulary from all of the things they underlined, have them rewrite those parts of their essay using the wording from the phrases, adjectives, and bullets.

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