Indigo a Career Field

The Goal: Why find a career field when you can just Indigo it? Indigo provides more than enough information to narrow down options for the future (and if you already did the 21st Century Culture Fit exercise, then students may have already narrowed it down to a broad category such as “Non-Profit Fit” or “Corporate Fit.”) This exercise provides time for students to have some introspection on specific options that fit them.

College & Career


  • Indigo Reports
  • Access to internet

Note: We recommend using this exercise after doing a few other College Prep exercises. It will improve the quality of students’ introspection.

Step 1: Have students do research on a career field that interests them. This can be done in class time with computers or smart phones, or assigned as homework.

If students are having a hard time picking a career field that sounds interesting, have them look at the Possible Degree Matches section towards the back of their Indigo Report. Once they have read through it, ask them to underline all of the recommendations that sound interesting. Next, see if there are any career fields that relate back to the recommendations that they underlined. Feel free to do this at the beginning with all of the students as well. Students can also post this information to Naviance.

Step 2: Have students write a 1-2 page paper answering the questions below.

  • What is the career field? (This question can serve as the introduction paragraph)
  • How would this career field fit your top 2 DISC styles and top 2 Motivator combination?
  • What type of jobs or majors in this career field specifically would be a good fit for you?
  • How can you use your top 5 skills to excel in majors or jobs within this career field?

To assist students in their research, you can provide them with these two links to lists of career fields to help them start: or

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