Indigo for Resume Writing 1

The Goal: The hardest part about writing one is sometimes even starting one. Even if students don’t have much work experience, they can still use Indigo Reports to craft 2 self-descriptive sentences for future resumes.

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  • Indigo Reports

Step 1: Share the examples of Personal Qualification Statements from below:

Example Sentences One: “Adaptable and flexible, Tim negotiates conflicts by turning negatives into positives.”  &  “Emma is a team player who motivates others toward goals.”

Example Sentence Two: “Highly motivated by helping others.”

Step 2: Have students recreate a statement like the one in Example Sentence One. Use the What Others May Value in You section from the Indigo Report as a reference—take a couple statements from it to write your statement using your name instead of the word “I.”  Consider starting with an adjective and ending with a verb phrase like the example.

Step 3: Have students recreate a statement like the one in Example Sentence Two. Use the What Motivates You page from the Indigo Report as a reference—use one of your top two Motivators to fill in the statement “Highly motivated by ______.”

Step 4: Have students turn to the page titled Your Skills. Using the top two skills, complete the following sentence: “Is skilled in _______ and _______.” Combine this with sentence two, and you now have two foundational starting pieces for resumes.

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