Indigo for Resume Writing 2

The Goal: Crafting a top-notch resume is truly key for students looking to break into life after high school. This exercise takes students into even deeper applications about how to take language from their Indigo Report and turn it into an accurate, compelling resume.

College & Career


  • Indigo Reports 

Step 1: Have students make a list with their top five skills on their Indigo Summary Page, the bullet points that stand out to them from the Your Strengths section, and the bullet points that stand out to them from the What Others May Value in You section. They may also add any other phrases or adjectives that stand out in their Indigo Report to the list. 

Step 2: Have students write down a list of their top five most compelling jobs, volunteering experiences, clubs, projects, or even their Genius Hour project (look at the lesson plan Genius Hour). Then for each experience, create three bullet points where the student highlights what they did using language from their list they made in Part 1.

Note: The end goal of this exercise is for students to write down all of their experiences that they want to include on their resume and then use Indigo vocabulary to write about their experiences in their resume. Essentially, it is a good way for students to take the necessary steps to actually start writing all of the content necessary for the resume.

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