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The Goal: In almost all future paths, the ability to focus on your work is critical. This exercise is designed to help students understand that studying is less about developing the skill and more about learning the best ways for you personally to study.

College & Career


  • Indigo Reports
  • Indigo Dashboard teaming tile (optional)

Step 1: Split students up into groups of 3-4 based on their top DISC score (you can use the Teaming tile in the Indigo Dashboard to create teams based on DISC) and have them answer the following questions:

  • What are some study tips that work for you? What are some study tips that don’t work for you?
  • What is the best environment for you to study in?
  • In what situations have you had your best studying sessions?
  • What sort of environments or studying approaches/techniques would best fit your DISC traits?

Note: By putting similar DISC styles together, they will tend to think and like to study in a similar way but it is possible that not every tip will resonate. For example, the High D group could have a High D, High I that likes to study surrounded by friends where they competitively quiz each other. A High D, High C in the same group might want to study alone with highly detailed study note cards that they study intensely. This is just a way to share ideas!

Step 2: Split students up into groups based on their top Motivator score (blue graphs on bottom left-hand side) and have them answer the questions below. The goal is to get students thinking about ways to tie things they have to do or study for into their top Motivators, and think of things they can pursue in the future that fit what drives them.

  • What type of projects and assignments motivate you? Which type bore you?
  • How do you cope/deal with things you have to do that are not motivating?
  • How can you apply your top 1-2 Motivators to your studying so that you are more engaged?

Step 3: After students have brainstormed in their own groups, have them write down 3 new study tips that they are going to start using moving forward based on their DISC style and top Motivators. If the tips align with both the DISC style and Motivators, even better!

Part 4: Bring the groups back and share ideas/tips. To close, you may share this link to some general study tips and share your own tips with them too:

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