Group Dynamics

The Goal: To help students understand their strengths and value to a team, and also understanding others’ strengths and value to a team. Help students create a cohesive, collaborative team by exploring what each member brings to the table.

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  • Summary Page of the Indigo Report
  • Access to the Indigo Dashboard

Note: This activity can be used in preparation for a group project and/or to fully explore team dynamics. These teams can be kept for however long they work, or they can be switched for every project or every semester of school. Use the feedback answers to decide on how to continue the groups for the rest of the year.

Step 1: Using the Teaming Utility in the Indigo Dashboard, create high performing groups of 4-5 students.  Each student will share their Strengths, Top 5 Skills, and Value to a Team from their Indigo Report with the rest of their group.

Step 2: After they have each shared, they will decide who their group leader will be based on their Indigo results. The group leader will be responsible for keeping everyone accountable for their own roles, running meetings, defining the roles of the other team members, and resolving any conflicts.  If there are disagreements between the students about who should be the leader, the group can choose more than one (no more than two should be picked).

Step 3: Next the groups should work out who will fill other roles. The following are suggested team roles the students could adopt. The roles should reflect the outcome requirements of the project they will be working on.

  • Scribe – to write and record any ideas, notes, potential problems, plans, etc.
  • Project Planner – the idea maker, come up with different designs or directions for the project
  • Artist – to create any visuals, design the look of the project, how the idea should be presented visually, etc.
  • Presenter – fully understands the material, memorize and practice the presentation, captivates and impresses the audience, etc.

Step 4: After the project is completed and presented, each of the team members will give feedback on the group dynamic by answering the following:

  • Who made up my team?
  • What was my role in the team?
  • Did I feel comfortable in my role?
  • How can I contribute to the team differently next time?
  • How did I feel my team mates did in their role?
  • Did I think this team was a good fit for me?
  • What would I change for next time?
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