Mock Interview

The Goal: To introduce students to what a job interview may look like and prepare responses for some questions they might be asked. To help students practice using Indigo language that describes their strengths and skills, how to describe themselves in an interview and how they can be successful in a work environment.

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  • Summary Page of the Indigo Report
  • Skills section of the Indigo Report

Step 1: Divide students into pairs. One will the interviewer, one is the interviewee.

Provide students with the below list as a place to start asking the questions to their interviewee (They are free to come up with any additional interview appropriate questions on their own):

  • Why are you interested in this job?
  • Why would you be good at this job?
  • How will you work on a team?
  • What is a weakness that may show up?
  • How do your skills fit this job?
  • What is your ideal manager?
  • What is your biggest strength that you bring to the table?

Using the Skills and Strengths section of the summary page of their Indigo Reports to guide them, have the interviewer ask 3 questions that the interviewee answers by advocating for themselves with specific, accurate, details of their skills and strengths.

Step 2: Switch roles and do it again.

Optional Add-On Activity: Choose one person to be the interviewer – this could be a student, the teacher or other adult participating in the activity. Three students come up to the front of the room and sit in three different “hot seats”. The interviewer should ask a question from the above list and get responses from each of their interviewees. Students can use their Indigo report as a reference. Students not in the “hot seat” can also provide assistance to point to strengths/skills they know about those sharing.

Rotate the students in the three “hot seats” (and the interviewer if you like) to give everyone practice using their Indigo language and getting familiar with the traits that make them unique.

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