Personal Style

The Goal: To allow students to explore their behavior and communication style and the styles of their classmates. They will be able to explain the benefits and struggles of each component and describe how their specific combination shows up for them.

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  • Summary Page of the Indigo Report
  • DISC Reference Sheet (from the Indigo Report)
  • Access to online DISC videos

Step 1: DISC/Behavior Style is about how we communicate and express ourselves. Students may have already learned about DISC from a workshop or another activity. If not, start by going to

  1. Watch the 4 DISC videos, 1 for each DISC bar. In the videos, students describe each behavior style and how it shows up for them.
  2. For additional information, go to and watch the additional DISC videos there. There is a video for High and Low qualities of each DISC bar.

Step 2: Once you are confident that students are familiar with each of the DISC styles and how to describe them, ask the group:

What stands out about your personal behavior/communication style? How do the DISC bars show up for you?

Students can respond in a variety of ways:

  1. Ask students who are willing to share their response to the question to do so without revealing their actual DISC scores. When each student finishes sharing, the other students guess which DISC indicators (high or low) that student has based on the description.
  2. Students write out their response to the questions and turn it in. They can share it out loud, or not.
  3. Have students create an art piece that show/describes their behavioral style. Allow students to share with the class and potentially display them in the classroom.
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