Using Indigo to Write a Resume

The Goal: To help students start a resume.

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  • Full Indigo Report
  • Optional: Sample resumes

Step 1: Use the sentences below as a framework to help students create their own statements that are true for them. Ask students to write statements that describe them, starting with an adjective and ending with a verb phrase as in the examples below. They should use their Indigo Report as a reference. Have them rewrite statements using their own words, use “I” instead of their name, and consider a time when they did this – they should be able to provide a personal example.

Example Sentence One: “Adaptable and flexible, Tim negotiates conflicts by turning negatives into positives.”

    • Indigo Report sections: Summary Page, About You, Strengths, What Others May Value in You

Example Sentence Two: “Emma is a team player who motivates others toward goals.”

    • Indigo Report sections: What Motivates You, Motivator Reference Guide, About You

Example Sentence Three: “Highly motivated by helping others.”

    • Starting the sentence with “Highly motivated by…”, students should complete the sentence using statements about how their top two Motivators show up for them.

Example Sentence Four: “Is skilled in _____ and ______”

    • Using their Skills Page, students should insert two of their top skills, which may need to be reworded to be personally applicable.

Step 2: Students should combine Sentence Four with one or two of the other sentences they created. They can create more than one combined statement and should reword as needed for it to feel true and authentic to them. This will provide them with foundational, starting pieces for their resume.

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