Guest Speaker

The Goal: A guest can bring an outside perspective on the problems that can help students see issues from a new light—it equips students with new ways to approach the thing with which they are struggling.


RAMP (ASCA) Mindset & Behaviors addressed and developed: The ASCA Mindset & Behaviors addressed depends on what the speaker presents to the students.


  • Dependent on how you tailor this exercise

Step 1: Find a speaker who can speak on a topic that seems relevant to your students (i.e. self confidence, relating to others, sense of self).

Example: If your students particularly struggle with negative self-image, bring in a speaker to address that. The speaker could have expertise on how to promote positive body image, or positive self-talk.

Step 2: : Bring the speaker in. They can be woven into any of the other exercises, or this can be a stand-alone topic on a certain issue.

Note: Use the DISC and Motivators of your group to help prep your speaker. Are your students High D’s who want to be spoken to directly and firmly? Are they motivated by Social and therefore want to know how they can use this information to help others?

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