3 Doors

The Goal: To think about how some things that once felt challenging can become less difficult as we age and learn, and to apply this awareness when facing new challenges.

Short SEL

Indigo Indicators: Internal: Self Direction, Resiliency
CASEL Competencies: Self Management
Ramp Behavior Standard: B-LS 9 Gather evidence and consider multiple perspectives to make informed decisions


  • Notebook paper
  • Something to write with

As we age, we may notice that things that were especially challenging a year ago or even a few months ago start to feel easier to handle.

Step 1: Envision 3 doors in front of you. Behind each door is a challenge or roadblock in the way of you reaching a goal. Which door will you open? — In other words, which challenge are you ready to face?

Step 2: Write out which door you chose to open and what roadblock or challenge lay behind it. In a paragraph, explain why you opened this door in comparison to the other doors. In what ways do you feel more “ready” to face this challenge now?

Step 3: What would be the first step you took in addressing this challenge?

Step 4: How can addressing this door NOW help you in preparing for your future?

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