Building Confidence

The Goal: Explore confidence through your strengths.

Short SEL

Indigo Indicators: Internal: Resiliency, Sense of Belonging
CASEL Competencies: Self-Management
Ramp Behavior Standard: B-LS 4 Apply self-motivation and self-direction to learning


  • Notebook paper
  • Something to write with

Self-confidence is a skill that can be built upon. Figuring out our strengths and the things we are already confident in is a good place to start.

Write down your answers to the following questions.

Step 1: Write down two of your strengths. Take a look at the Strengths section of your Indigo Report if you are struggling to come up with your strengths.

Step 2: How do you feel when you are doing something you’re good at? What is it about this strength that helps you feel confident? Why do you think you feel confident when you do something you’re good at?

Step 3: How can this information help you move forward confidently when you’re doing something that isn’t your strong suit?

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