Choose a Character

The Goal: To think about going through the motions of a familiar situation through the lens of a character that inspires you in order to see it from a new perspective.

Short SEL

Indigo Indicators: Internal: Managing Stress, Self-Confidence, Resiliency; External: Practical Thinking
CASEL Competency: Self-Management
Ramp Behavior Standard: B-LS 9 Gather evidence and consider multiple perspectives to make informed decisions


  • Notebook paper
  • Something to write with

Everyone is different. For many of us, when we are under stress, we’re unable to do our best at problem solving or seeing solutions. One way to overcome this barrier is to take a step back and change perspectives. Sometimes, we become aware of our own strengths by exploring those of another.

Step 1: Pick a situation in your life that you are facing now with which you want more direction. This does not have to be a high stress situation.

Step 2: Choose a character you admire who demonstrates courage, strength and a general willingness to overcome adversity. This character can be from a movie, book, tv show, etc.

Step 3: Think about the situation YOU chose. Describe in writing the people involved (characters), the places the situation takes place (setting), and the circumstance at hand (plot).

Step 4: Now, through the lens of your character, write out the steps they would take in this situation to address it. Write out what it would look like if that character were in your shoes.

Step 5: How did your character respond to stress? What strategies and perceptions can you take from their approach to feel stronger and more confident about your own approach and view of this situation? Did this process make anything clearer by looking at a situation from a different perspective? Write down your responses.

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