Reframing Roadblocks

The Goal: To explore the idea that setbacks are simply ways to practice being resilient.

Short SEL

Indigo Indicators: Internal: Resiliency, Managing Stress
CASEL Competencies: Self-Management, Responsible Decision-Making
Ramp Behavior Standard: B-SMS 7 Demonstrate effective coping skills when faced with a problem


  • Notebook paper
  • Something to write with

The term “resiliency” itself implies that there was a challenge to overcome. One does not become resilient without roadblocks, setbacks, or perceived “losses.”

Step 1: Think of a time in your life in which you perceived a growing moment as a “setback.” For example, maybe you failed a test and were discouraged but failing the exam is what led you to getting help to better understand the material and now you pass the exams.

Step 2: Write about the situation and how you overcame it, then a separate section explaining how you used resiliency in your example.

Moments in which we choose to use resiliency are moments in which we grow. Instead of seeing a roadblock as a problem, consider that it may be exactly the challenge you need to rise to the next level.

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