What’s Your Role?

The Goal: To think critically about the roles you play in your own life by using narrative and story elements.

Short SEL

Indigo Indicators: Internal: Sense of Belonging, Self-Esteem
CASEL Competencies: Self-Awareness
Ramp Behavior Standard: B-LS 9 Gather evidence and consider multiple perspectives to make informed decisions


  • Notebook paper
  • Something to write with

We all have different roles in our lives that we play. Roles we play such as, “sister,” “son,” “friend,” and other kinds of roles such as, “peacekeeper,” “wild card,” “soccer player,” etc. give us understanding into who we are within our communities and what part we play. Communities are made up of roles and we all play a few. Do you know what roles you play in your life?

Step 1: Choose a role you play in your life.

Step 2: Pick a show/movie/play/book – any kind of story. Which character most accurately represents the role you chose that you play in your life?

Step 3: Write down why you think this character represents a role from your life. Use direct examples from the story and your life.

The use of story may make it easier for some of us to observe something about ourselves. In picking a character that plays a similar role to us, we are able to see that role from an outside perspective to gain a deeper understanding of it from within.

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