The Goal: Diplomacy and tact are approaches to communication that impacts our relationships and the environments in which we live, learn, and work. The goal of this exercise is to deepen one’s knowledge, abilities, and inclinations in the areas of diplomacy and tact by using a “Three Levels of Text” protocol to reflect on the content of an article and its implications for life, learning, and work.


Step 1: “Tact and Diplomacy” (https://www.skillsyouneed.com/ips/tact-diplomacy.html) is an article with definitions, prerequisites, and strategies. Our understanding of what we read can be enhanced by using a protocol that promotes reflection as we read. One such protocol is the Three Levels of Text Protocol, which can be used as you read and can also enhance discussion when two or more people have read the same article in a group setting. Read the article and, as you read, use the prompts below to reflect on essential elements of the article and identify implications for your own communication.

Three Levels of Text Protocol

Write the passage from this section of the article that you consider to be most important to you.
Write what you think about the passage (interpretations, connection to past experiences, etc.)
Write what you consider to be the most important implication of this passage for you life, your learning, or your work.
Definition Section
Prerequisites Section
Strategies Section

Step 2: Write down one goal for yourself in the area of diplomacy and tact.

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