Exploring Skills at IndigoSkills.com

The Goal: This guide is designed to engage you in a 15-minute activity focused on a 21st Century Skill from your Indigo Report using the corresponding Indigo Skill Video.



Step 1: Skill Focus. Using your Indigo report, decide on which skill you will focus today.

Step 2: Ranking. Look on the skills page of your Indigo Report to find your ranking for the skill you have chosen, today’s focus skill. Write the focus skill and your own ranking for that skill in your journal or on a piece of paper in your notebook.

Step 3: Question. Consider: “What does this skill mean to you?” Write your reflections on this question in your journal or notebook.

Step 4: Watch the Video. Next, watch the short video about today’s focus skill and make notes in your journal or notebook about the following two questions as you watch:

How is this skill defined?
What are steps you can take to successfully apply this skill?

Step 5: Solo Reflection. Respond in your journal or notebook to the question below.

Look back at the ranking for this skill you wrote earlier. Based on the information in the video, why do you think you attained this ranking?

Step 6: Action. Make a commitment to yourself to practice this skill by writing a response to the question below.

What is one thing you can do today to practice this skill?

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