Time and Priority Management

The Goal: It’s easy to get overwhelmed as a student with all the things that can attract your attention (everything from homework and clubs to Internet videos about cats and Corgis). This exercise will give you a tangible tool to help you articulate your priorities.


Step 1: Read over the priority matrix below. Tasks with different levels of importance are sorted into four quadrants, corresponding to the degree of priority.

Step 2: Create a priority matrix for yourself. It can be a priority matrix for everything going on that day, everything going on in a project, a homework priority matrix, or something else that would be useful to you.

Note: This is a great way to organize what is going on in your mind. By actively prioritizing and ranking things in your life, you can get a better feel of what is important right now and where you need to focus your attention.

Consider using priority matrices during high-intensity and busy times throughout the year and as a tool to organize yourself.

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