Ron Bonnstetter

Senior VP of R&D AT TTI

Dr. Ron Bonnstetter serves as the senior vice president of research and development for Target Training International, Ltd. and professor emeritus of University of Nebraska – Lincoln. A well-respected speaker and presenter, Dr. Bonnstetter regularly speaks in front of national and international audiences.

Current research pursuits include the development of biology-based communication strategies, peak performance and the brain, development of personal attribute soft skills, and brain-based findings that inform human interactions. His cutting-edge Prefrontal Cortex Gamma Asymmetry research is impacting ipsative assessments and appraisal research protocols world-wide.

Dr. Bonnstetter has amassed an arsenal of recognition and research even before entering the field of cognitive neurology, including the first recipient of the National Senior Outstanding Science Educator of the Year Award and the only secondary science preparation program recognized in the national Search for Excellence in Science Education. His current gamma asymmetry electroencephalography (EEG) research has resulted in two patents. Plus, he was honored with the 2019 Joe Kamiya First-Person Science Award during the annual conference of the International Society of Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR). This award is named in honor of Dr. Joe Kamiya who was the first to document the ability to noninvasively alter brain wave activity by using a simple reward system and is considered the father of modern neurofeedback.

Dr. Bonnstetter’s publications, while at Target Training International, Ltd., have focused on combining social and behavioral science with a neurological focus. His work has been featured in:

* Harvard Business Review

* Education Weekly

* Clinical EEG and Neuroscience

* American Society for Engineering Education

* Neuro Connections

* NeuroRegulation

* Biofeedback

* Advances in Body-Mind Medicine

* Counseling Today

Specialties: Research integrating assessments with EEG brain scans, Prefrontal Cortex Gamma Asymmetry, professional speaking about brain function and human behavior. 

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