Step 2) Check for personal alignment

Based on what you know about yourself and what you have learned from the Indigo course, you will write a statement about why your chosen career path would be a good fit for you. How does it align with your values? You’re going to put this statement on your MAP/website. When you are writing the statement about how this career aligns with you, if you find it really doesn’t – consider picking a different career idea that will be a better fit for who you are and what’s important to you.

Once you have your statement about how and why your career choice is a great fit for you, put it on your MAP/website. If you changed your career idea in this section make sure to change that on your website as well. When you’re finished, save and publish.

Add your alignment statement to your website

Log back into wix and go to where you can edit your site. Go back to the “Career Exploration” section or page you created in the last section and add your personal alignment statement somewhere close to where you wrote the name of the career you want to explore. Remember, if you changed your career choice when creating this statement to change that too.

You can edit the text fields as you have in the past, by clicking on the text, then click on the “Edit Text” button and make the changes. Detailed instructions are below.


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