Dashboard Tutorials

The videos on this page provide information on using the Indigo Dashboard. The first video is an overview of the dashboard. There are videos on creating groups and generating teams of students with specified characteristics. Any dashboard user can take advantage of these functionalities. Additionally, there is a tutorial for dashboard administrators to add and edit users.

Dashboard Overview


To download a PDF with the procedure for creating groups, click here.


To download a PDF with the procedure for teaming, click here.

User Management

This functionality is only available to dashboard users who have permission to manage users. If you are a new user who needs access to the dashboard, please contact your Indigo contact at your school or organization.

To download a PDF with the procedure for adding and managing users, click here.

ARCHIVE REPORTS      Dashboard users with this level of permission also have the ability to archive reports.  When a report is archived, it is no longer visible in the dashboard.  However, it is not fully deleted and can be restored if necessary.  Reports can also be moved to different links or dashboards.  To download a PDF with the Move or Archive Reports procedure, click here.

Questions about the dashboard?

Email support@indigoproject.org

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