Written Communication

The Goal: The best way to get better at written communication is to write!


The key is knowing which type of writing is most valued at the work you are trying to do.  Do you want to learn to write sales copy, blogs, technical instructions, curriculum, etc?  Honing your writing toward a job specific skill is the best way to get hired and stand out.  

These activities already have two practical exercises for getting better at written communication, that almost everyone needs:

Indigo for Essay Writing 

Indigo for Resume Writing 

If you are looking for online resources for honing your writing skills check out the following resources: 

    1. Grammarly – spelling and grammar checker
    2. Wordcounter – word counts, estimates reading level and reading/speaking time
    3. Cliché Finder – identifies over-used clichés
    4. Draft – writing collaboration tool, can compare drafts and daily word count 
    5. Hemingway Editor – readability suggestions 
    6. StayFocused – temporarily disables web browsing
    7. One Look Reverse Dictionary – advanced thesaurus

You can also join a writing club.  That way you will receive feedback in real time.  

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