Indigo’s Pick for ACT Prep

Indigo’s Pick for ACT Prep

February 19th 2015, Written by Jahla Seppanen

For high school students with college on their minds, springtime means one thing: SAT/ACT season. This can also make spring a time of stress for many students, as they worry about test-taking strategies, scores, and the weight standardized testing has on their future academic careers.

Indigo is here to remind students that success is possible, and there are tools that can help. This week we are spotlighting Magoosh’s new ACT Blog, a resource for student guidance compiled from Magoosh’s best test-prep advice. 

If you are a student preparing for the ACT or a parent helping your child through the process, you probably know that the key to success is using the right resources. Now, before you randomly search the net for whatever free resource is out there, slow down a bit—Indigo has done the hard work for you. You can find plenty of thorough (and free!) ACT prep material on Magoosh’s ACT blog, including pre-made study schedules, tips for tackling each individual section of the test (math, reading, science, writing, and English), and tried-and-true strategies that will improve your score.

Before letting negative self-talk get the best of you, visit Magoosh’s ACT Blog and gain confidence in your ability to rock the test!

Magoosh is an online resource for GRE, GMAT, SAT, and TOEFL prep. Magoosh was founded on the belief that test prep should not be expensive, inconvenient, or outdated. For more information visit them online at

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