Indigo’s March Pick for Alternative Education: On Board

Indigo’s March Pick for Alternative Education: On Board

March 7th 2015, Written by Jahla Seppanen

On Board’s Educational Travel Program

For many students, college is not the only post-secondary option. Although it has become the norm in our culture, many alternative education programs offer more applicable learning opportunities and teaching styles.

Considering a path different from traditional university? On Board might be just the ticket (literally).

On Board is an alternative education travel option focusing on the tremendous power of life experience and self-knowledge as education. The program blends four pillars of experience education that result in a learn-by-doing approach. The four pillars are:

Learning: The world is your classroom. Every experience and every person you meet is a potential mentor and teacher. Discover how to learn better and faster. Explore how to be your best self and develop the skills that will move forward your career and life. Every On Boarder becomes a student and a teacher; these trips are about what you bring to it.

Traveling: Traveling is one of the most authentic ways of learning, and we believe that traveling shouldn’t become a way of escaping from reality but an opportunity to understand it and shape it for the better. As a bonus, students have a great time together while trying new experiences and connecting with the local culture.

Doing good: Apply your skills and talents to solve real life challenges of local communities. Teachers will help you avoid the “philanthropy traps” in which you could end up doing more damage than good. Their “do good” actions are non-paternalistic, they reach the root of the problem to translate them into opportunities that don’t create dependency.

Connecting: Connect with yourself, with your life legacy, to an amazing group of travelers, and to a global community of purpose-driven explorers, experts, mentors, leaders and communities.

For more details about the pillars watch On Board’s video here. 

If On Board is beginning to sound like an opportunity you might be interested in, check out these slides to get a better understanding of how it works. 

For many students, travel-based learning can be the greatest education they receive. However a block which may be holding someone back from pursuing this type of alternative program is the fear of “pausing” life to fulfill a dream. It can be nerve wracking to think about what happens after you return home. What happens next? 

On Board experiences are designed for participants to be able to continue work remotely while you travel. Even better, the experiences are not “just traveling.” They are designed to boost career success, increase enjoyment of life, find the intersection of meaning and profit, and develop a powerful network around the world.

If On Board is beginning to sound like your pathway to post-graduate success and fulfillment, keep an eye on their next trip scheduled to take place in Colombia near the end of March 2015. Track feedback and events by staying in the On Board loop, or send questions to

Indigo is always excited to discover alternative means of discovering your intrinsic life motivators. Don’t buy into the hype that traditional education is for everybody. We are all unique and our options for continued education should be also.

Tune in next time for Indigo’s April Alternative Education Pick of the Month. 


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