Activity: Art Project

Welcome to a world of creativity and self-expression! Our Activity: Art Project is here to ignite the spark of imagination in students. The canvas is yours, and there are no rules to stifle your artistic expression. Join us on a journey where self-expression and creativity intertwine, free from judgment or grades.

Join us on this colorful journey and let your inner artist shine!

The Goal

The idea behind this exercise is to spark creativity in the students. Creativity is essential because it helps people not feel trapped in their lives. The other purpose to this exercise is to give the students an opportunity to express themselves freely. There are no restrictions, and the students will have no fears of being judged or graded.

RAMP (ASCA) Mindset & Behaviors addressed and developed:


Career: Creativity; Communication.
Social/Emotional: Whole Self; Sense of Belonging; Positive Attitude; Self-Direction; Open Perspective; Extracurricular Activity; Coping Skills; Empathy; Self Advocacy; Positive Relationships.


  • Indigo Reports
  • Art Materials


Provide the students with any art materials on hand. Some examples are posters and markers, canvases and paint, modeling clay, magazines and scissors (for those who don’t like to draw) or simply a pen and paper. Have the students create a piece of art that represents themselves. The students are free to get as creative as they want. There are only two rules: the art has to be all about themselves, and it has to all be positive.

Tip: Motivators from the Indigo Report are a good place to start to inspire students to think of images that represent what drives them.

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