Activity: Practicing Resiliency

In a world that often emphasizes success, we encourage you to dive deep and embrace a paradigm shift as we learn about practicing resiliency. Explore the transformative power that lies in the art of welcoming failure as a catalyst for unparalleled growth and continuous learning. This blog unravels the layers of resilience, demonstrating how setbacks can serve as stepping stones to greater achievements. Discover the power of a growth mindset that turns challenges into opportunities.

The Goal

This exercise is designed to remind students that “failure” is not a bad thing—our mistakes are usually the best learning experiences in our lives!

RAMP (ASCA) Mindset & Behaviors addressed and developed:

Academic: Critical Thinking; Open Perspective / Informed Decisions; Taking Challenges.
Career: Perseverance; Overcoming Obstacles; Handling Change/Adapting.
Life-Long Learning; Self-Confidence.


  • Circle of chairs
  • Indigo Report

Step 1:

Show this clip from Disney’s Meet the Robinsons. It’s a perfect example of how failure can be a good thing.

Step 2:

Have students share with the group a time they failed, how they felt, and what they learned.

Example: A student shares a time he missed the details in a project causing him to get a low grade. The student talks about how he learned to:
1. Pay attention to details.
2. Ask questions or communicate with the teacher to clarify details.

Note: Reference the Skills page in the students’ Indigo Reports—some students’ past failures may actually have resulted in certain skills being more developed.

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